Bronze Medal 96 

A Personal Experience!   


Success in track is measured in seconds and inches:

Are you fast?  Do you want to race with the best? Speed is not enough. What makes a champion is discipline, hard work and the best training techniques. Usain Bolt did not set world records and win gold medals simply because he was fast.   He trained with coaches using elite type coaching methods that made the Jamaican Track Team #1 in the world.


Under the guidance of Coach Blake and his professional team, you will have access to the same training methods he uses to accomplished his goals. Having competed in both the 1992 and 1996 Summer Olympics for the Jamaican Track Team and winning a Bronze Medal, Coach Blake has the expertise to help you gain the competitive edge you desire.


He has intimate knowledge of Jamaican training regimens and scientifically developed techniques to improve speed, agility, strength, flexibility and overall performance. If you want to become the best you can be, Coach Blake can get you to the next level. To learn more click here


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>>>1992 Jamaica National Olympic Championship Trials

>>>>>>1992 Barcelona, Spain Summer Olympic Games

>>>>>>>>1993 400M National Champion, Jamaica

>>>>1993 Stuttgart, Germany World Championship Games

>>>>>>>1993 Fukuoka, Japan World University Games

>>>1994 British Columbia Canada Commonwealth Games

>>>>>>>>>>>>1995 Pan America Games Argentina

>>>1995 Gutenberg, Sweden World Championship Games

>>>>>>>1996 Atlanta, Georgia  Summer Olympic Games

>>>1996 City of Huntsville, Alabama Resolution No. 96-791

>>>>>>>>>>1997 Sicily, Italy World University Games

>>>>>>>>2006 Alabama A&M University Hall of Fame

>>>2006 Resolution of Madison County Commission, Alabama

>>>>>>>>>2007 World University Games Sicily, Italy

>>>>>>>>> 2009 USATF  Level 1 Coaching Education

>>>>>2009 Fitness and Nutrition, Penn Foster college

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2015 Certified CPR and AED

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Feature in Numerous Articles

>>>>>>>>>>>Recognition Prime Minister of Jamaica