Bronze Medal 96 

A Personal Experience!   

Dennis Blake, in his early years, decided to create his own path-a path many thought would be unreachable and impossible.

He created three hidden secrets that he kept to himself throughout his entire track & field career while pursuing his goals.

While dissecting the twist and turns, the ups and downs, and the challenges with his own life, teammates, coaches, and the Jamaica Athletic Association (JAAAs), he handed his teammates the baton with speed and pride in order to break the Jamaican National Record at the 1995 World Championship in Goteborg, Sweden. It propelled him forward to fulfill his

My Athletic Success:

Success means different things for different athletes but success for Dennis Blake was simple, it was achieving his three goals. Though these could be considered ambitious or even impossible for many, he was confident in his belief that they were not impossible to achieve.

Being able to accomplish those goals, he considered himself successful. Not many people can say they have participated in all major athletic track & field meets and won medals in all. Dennis was blessed to compete in the following:

Two Olympic Games (Barcelona, Spain & Atlanta, USA)

Two world Championship Games (Stuttgart Germany & Goteborg, Sweden)

Two World University Games (Fukuoka, Japan & Sicily. Italy)

One Pan American Games (Mar del Plata, Argentina)

One Common Wealth Games (Victoria, Canada)

Four Caribbean American Championship Games (Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guatemala, & Columbia)

 My Goals were Specific, Direct, and Strategic

  1. To be on Television
  2. To run in the Olympic Games
  3. To win an Olympic Medal

Win Medals from three major meets:

  1. Olympic Games Bronze Medal (1996)
  2. World Championship Games Silver Medal (1993)
  3. World University Games Silver Medal (1995)

Win Medals from three second major meets:

  1. Common Wealth Games Silver Medal  (1994)
  2. Pan American Games Silver Medal (1995)
  3. Caribbean American Championship Silver Medal (1993)
One year later, he achieved his ultimate imaginary secret goal                          

                       An Olympic Medal Achieved!

Track & Field Confidence Builders:

Confidence Builders from every stage of his athletic career were significant in order for him to achieve the ultimate goal. He was motivated to put his story in a book –a writing form-An Olympian's Hidden Secrets.

Primary School:

  1. Elementary School Sports Day
  2. Church Athletic Championship
  3. Parish Athletic Championship

Secondary School:

  1. Secondary School Sports Day
  2. Secondary School Invitational
  3. Secondary School Championship

High School:

  1. High School Sports Day
  2. High School Invitational
  3. High School Championship

Junior College:

  1. Junior College Invitational Meets
  2. Indoor Junior College Championship
  3. Outdoor National Junior College Championship

Alabama A&M University:

  1. Developmental Invitational Meets
  2. Indoor Athletic Championship
  3. Outdoor Athletic Championship