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Welcome to the Mentoring Through Sports Professionals (MTSP) Website:
Camp Motto: "I Am The Future And Nobody Can Change That!"

MTSP is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring, teaching, sharing, and playing through the fundamentals of sport by using the knowledge of professionals.

With MTSP, less fortunate kids are able to participate in various sports during which the values of sportsmanship is taught while learning the challenges of life. The kids are able to focus on more than one particular sport, while enjoying the benefits of getting regular exercise, meeting new people, and developing healthy habits. 
At our summer camp, young campers have a place to play and more importantly, but to be inspired by professionals in a wide range of skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Kids learn skills that will allow them to gain self-confidence and acquire a love for sports. 

They will learn the fundamentals of life with confidence; how to become successful, with strong self-esteem and leave feeling good about themselves. All this is done with the core value and knowledge of God’s love for all individuals.
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* Gently used soccer shoes
* Gently used soccer balls.

Your support and help will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis Blake, a native of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica is the founder of the Mentoring Thru Sports Professionals Inc. (MTSP) a non-profit mentoring organization for disenfranchised children in rural communities.

Dennis Blake has a vision form by his ability to influence less fortunate children. He believes that he has run his race and has excelled to the pinnacle of his chosen sports; he accepted the call to run God’s race by helping others to run their race with a Godly perspective.

Dennis was the driving force behind several camps held yearly in Jamaica, which has provided free sporting gear, school supplies, meals, snacks, toys, bedding, gently used clothes and shoes, to schools and churches.  Since the formulation of MTSP in 2002, Dennis and his team have mentored and provided services and tangible goods with overseas shipments to approximately 500 individuals.


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"We Are The Future And Nobody Can Change That!"