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MTSP Camp Kids Corner:

Read below what our MTSP Camp kids had to say, in their own words, about our yearly camps.
"No Judging Please"

Jamoy Pitter

I have a lot of fun

I have a lot fun and games.

Skipping is so fun

Delano Witter

I have a lot of fun

I play cricket and football.

I learn a lot of things.


I think this is a very good fun and interactive camp it gives the kids and adults a chance to learn and have fun at the same time.


This summer has made a great impact on the students and also the adults. It shows the adult how children thinks when they are having fun. It also helps other children to interact with the adult and peers.


This summer camp is a great experience for both adults and kids. It helps the kids to work together and acknowledge one another. The adults get the experience of there life working with the kids, for example adults get chances to help kids learn more activities and get more educated in the sports they do. Overall the experience is spectacular.

Aaron Sailsman

The camp this year is a great experience to me.

It is fun and enjoyable. I am looking forward to it next year.

Zodane Witter

I love this summer camp every year. I glad to play cricket at this summer camp.

Tyson Stewart

I love this summer camp every year I love to play cricket here

Delan Williamson

I have a lot of fun at this summer camp. The games that we play is fun and the equipment that we use is very interesting. I saw things that I never see before and I love to play the sporting exercise.

Tomoiya Christian

It is a good thing to have this summer camp. Last year was great! Lots of children come out with great poses. I played volleyball, cricket. And basketball. I have a great time also the lunch was great and the staff member. It was awesome.

Tyrese Witter

The champ this year and last year was good. This year has more thing. Than last year but we not going to has any party this year.

Shaquille Simpson

Last year, I experienced the summer sports camp. I played a lot of games and had a lot of fun. Some games I played were football and volleyball. I had a lot of fun

Reneil Witter

Last year summer champ It was a very good summer champ it is so good and it was funny and fine it have a lot of fun it have football and good things it was football, basket, netball. We have picture book of all the children it to it and we have things, cricket volleyball.

Prom Mickela

I love the camp and I like the people they help us play games. I like the things that they carry for us to play with and I love to skip and they give away prize. This camp did not stay like last year and it is broaring.

Deshanay Rodney

It was ok but last year better and more fun.

Jadon Johnson

The camp was a great experience. There was a lot of activities for us which we enjoyed very much. I hope the camp will continue for many more years.

Loshaun Witter

The experience of the camp was great because we had lots of fun sport activities to do like basketball, and lots more.

Akeem Clarke

I am so excited about the summer camp. I have so much fun. I play football, cricket and other fun games. We win prizes and candies.

Neko Neil

I love this summer camp this summer camp is fun. I like this summer camp this summer camp are fun.

Shanghi Walters

Last year camp was better than this year camp because last year camp had football.

Akeem Turner

The summer camp was fun and even better than last year there was no fighting and every is enjoying there time here the games are very fun. And I think that it was very fun.

Jason Elliott

Last year camp was better than this year camp because last year we have experience a lot fun and more games football and tag of war.

Abigail McNaughton

It was fun but it could have been netter and exciting.

Taina Mullings

I enjoyed the camp that was here last year because they did a lot of thinks. It was very excited I liked it a lot.

Jamara Pitter

The camp is a good place I love the camp because they help to learn and they teach you about God I love the camp. I love everybody this is a good place I love everything here. I love how they look after us I am going to be a good boy.

Kimberly Wilson

What I love and learn’t about this camp?

At this camp I learnt that God loves us and we learnt about we must love others as we love our self.

At this camp we play games and learn a lot of things about God I love this camp.

Rohan Thomas and Nathan Johnson

I love this camp because it insiper youth in the community to come off the streets and the road and come to the camp and play games and learn about God.

Richardo Miller

The camp was a very great experience for me I think it was great I get to learn about having good relationship with our school mates.

Brittanya Meggie

This year camp was so great we have a lot of fun. We learn a lot things like songs I hope we have fun next year. This camp was amazing.


I have lots of fun and games Vallyball is a nice game I love this camp.

Brenae Wright

I love this camp very much. It teaches you a lot of diferent stuf like you must love your self first. There are so much games to play. When I come hear in the morning there are so much new games to play every morning.

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